Helping leaders build high-performing teams.

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The way we work is changing.

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80% of companies are shifting from hierarchical organizations to a network of teams.

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Widespread use of tech is giving rise to new ways of collaborating – even remotely.


A need for more rapid business innovation is driving faster results in less time.

"The team is the most important unit of performance in the 21st century."

Teams have inherent characteristics that make them the highest performing organizational unit. They are naturally more agile. They nurture collaboration at a higher level than any other type of organization.

At Cambios Consulting we're helping leaders build high performing teams by applying the principles of emotional intelligence and modern purpose-driven strategy.

Modern work needs a modern approach.



What we do

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Team Building

Psychological Safety is the key element of a High-Performing Team. Emotional intelligence is the key skill required to create Psychological Safety: critical if you're looking for career-best performance from your team. Cambios has adopted the BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence methodology and is a certified BlueEQ™ facilitator.

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Strategic Planning

Our philosophy is that strategic planning, done as a team exercise, takes the team from high-functioning to high-performing. By planning as a team, all individuals share a sense of ownership and are more fulfilled when they can map what they're doing to a why.



About Cambios

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Cambios means "changes" in Spanish.  Cambios was founded on the principle of Sustainable Behavioral Change as the cornerstone of developing individuals into the best version of themselves and what they can achieve.  Cambios is also focused on the principle of Psychological Safety, and the fundamental skill that leaders and team members need to develop – Emotional Intelligence. 

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helping leaders build high-performance teams.