Cambios was founded on the principle that sustainable behavioral change is the cornerstone of developing individuals into the best version of themselves and what they can achieve. Cambios means "changes" in Spanish. Cambios is fueled by the principle of Psychological Safety, and the fundamental skill that leaders and team members need to develop – Emotional Intelligence. 

Cambios has affiliated with BlueEQ™, the industry leader in EQ methodology.  Tom Kopinski, Founder and Principal of Cambios, is a certified instructor and facilitator in the BlueEQ™ methodology.

We have a lot of tools in our belt,  and they're all used for one purpose: to help more leaders bring out the performance they know their teams are capable of.

Cambios Blue EQ

We help leaders build high-performing teams.

Tom Kopinski – Cambios Consulting


Tom Kopinski


Tom Kopinski is founder and principal of Cambios Consulting.  Tom spent over 30 years in the technical software industry, at companies like Autodesk and Dassault Systemes.  

Over the course of his career, Tom gained broad cross-functional experience in product management, product marketing, sales, and channel development. Tom learned that developing people into high performers requires more than training and "making people smarter." He developed an appreciation for Sustainable Behavioral Change as the core principle of improving performance and career satisfaction.  

Tom founded Cambios Consulting based on his passion for Sustainable Behavioral Change.