Strategic Planning

Cambios' philosophy is that strategic planning, when done as a team exercise, takes the team from high-functioning to high-performing.  


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Where are we heading? Strategic Planning starts with clarifying where we are heading as a team, and what success looks like. 


How are we going to get there? The next phase involves defining the strategies for how we are going to get there and defining key milestones and results. 

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What actionable steps do we need to take to reach our goal? This last phase defines the actionable steps we need to take to reach the goal and who will be responsible for actions at the tactical level. 


for high performance teams


Team exercise

By building the Strategic Plan as a team exercise with a high-functioning team, the individuals on the team will have a sense of ownership, and linkage from the tactics to the strategies to the objectives and key results.

Planning methodology

Where do we want to go? Where are we starting from? What will we accomplish along the way? How will we get there? What specific actions will we take?


This is a framework a team can use over and over again as new projects arise. It's a new way of operating.


Business outcomes

  • Team is able to clearly visualize and articulate what they're working towards - as a team and individually
  • Individuals share a sense of ownership of objectives, strategies, and tactics
  • Transparency of actions and results allow for early course corrections
  • Team has a framework for planning future projects