Team Development

Cambios focuses on creating psychological safety to build a high-functioning team that results in career-best performance.  

How a team works matters more than who is on the team

Our Process

for career-best performance


Team development starts with assessing the current level of Psychological Safety – how safe the team is for interpersonal risk-taking.

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The next step is determining individual key strengths and Emotional Intelligence

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Finally, we'll exercise new skills and create Sustainable Behavioral Change.


for high functioning teams


Psychological safety

The most important characteristic of a high-performing team is not what you might think.  It is not co-location, or the personal achievement records of the individuals on the team.  The most important characteristic of high-performing teams is Psychological Safety.  

Psychological Safety is a shared belief that the environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking, for speaking up with ideas, questions, and candid feedback. Teams that feel safe beat their sales targets. Teams that feel safe are more likely to ask for help, admit mistakes, or try on new roles. Leaders who create Psychologically Safe environments, or “Blue Zones,” see team members consistently contributing at the highest level. 


emotional intelligence

Cambios Blue EQ

Emotional Intelligence is the key skill required to create Psychological Safety.  Cambios has adopted the BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence methodology and is a certified BlueEQ™ facilitator. 


sustainable behavioral change

Knowing what needs to change is important, effecting change requires commitment and practice. Team members share their personal development plans with each other, hold each other accountable, and are comfortable asking for help.


Business outcomes

  • More time spent solving problems, less time wasted managing risk and conflict
  • Team members more likely to speak up with ideas, questions, and candid feedback
  • Team members committed to helping each other, and asking for help
  • Consistent career-best performance from team members